Kyra & Curtis – Swansea, Massachusetts Wedding

We had the pleasure of photographing Kyra and Curtis’s lovely wedding in Swansea a few weeks ago.  It was so much fun to spend the day with them and their loved ones.  Curtis and Kyra’s love for one another shined throughout their wedding day from their intimate ‘first look’, to their sweet ceremony, and through their joyous celebratory reception.  We wish them all they best as they begin their married life together.  Please enjoy some of my favorite images from the day!

combo 1KyraCurtis-1KyraCurtis-2combo2KyraCurtis-5KyraCurtis-4KyraCurtis-3KyraCurtis-6KyraCurtis-7KyraCurtis-8KyraCurtis-9KyraCurtis-10KyraCurtis-11KyraCurtis-12KyraCurtis-13KyraCurtis-14KyraCurtis-15KyraCurtis-16KyraCurtis-17KyraCurtis-18KyraCurtis-19KyraCurtis-20KyraCurtis-21KyraCurtis-22KyraCurtis-23KyraCurtis-24KyraCurtis-25KyraCurtis-26KyraCurtis-27KyraCurtis-28KyraCurtis-29KyraCurtis-30KyraCurtis-31KyraCurtis-32KyraCurtis-33KyraCurtis-34KyraCurtis-35KyraCurtis-36KyraCurtis-37KyraCurtis-38KyraCurtis-39KyraCurtis-40KyraCurtis-42KyraCurtis-43KyraCurtis-44KyraCurtis-46KyraCurtis-47KyraCurtis-48KyraCurtis-45


Billy & Gina – Warfield House Inn, Charlemont MA Wedding

It is such an honor to post this wedding today!  I’ve known the groom, Billy, since he was born, and we always referred to each other as “cousins” since our mothers are best friends!  When Billy and Gina got engaged last year I was so touched that they trusted me to document their special day – and what a truly special day it was.  The weather was absolutely perfect; a bright and warm spring day.  I absolutely LOVED their hilltop venue, The Warfield House Inn in Charlemont, with its stunning mountain views and picturesque landscape.  This wedding was so fun to be a part of because Billy and Gina were so clearly elated to be marrying one another.  The entire day was joyous and loving – what more can you ask for?  Congratulations to the stunning bride and groom!

vertical combo 1BillyGina-6BillyGina-4BillyGina-7BillyGina-11vertical combo 2BillyGina-10BillyGina-12BillyGina-9BillyGina-5combo3BillyGina-2BillyGina-8BillyGina-13BillyGina-14BillyGina-3BillyGina-16BillyGina-15


Stephanie & Chris – TJ Smith’s Victorian House Wedding

A few weeks ago we had the good fortune of photographing Stephanie and Chris’s beautiful East Bridgewater, MA wedding at TJ Smith’s Victorian House.  It was such a fun  day filled with lots of love and joy.  We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter couple to work with, and we wish Chris and Stephanie all the happiness in the world!

StephanieChris-3StephanieChris-4StephanieChris-2StephanieChris-5vertical 1StephanieChris-6StephanieChris-1StephanieChris-13combo 2StephanieChris-7StephanieChris-12

StephanieChris-15StephanieChris-14first look comboStephanieChris-16StephanieChris-17StephanieChris-19StephanieChris-20StephanieChris-21combo 3StephanieChris-18StephanieChris-23StephanieChris-25StephanieChris-24StephanieChris-22StephanieChris-26\StephanieChris-10StephanieChris-9StephanieChris-27StephanieChris-29StephanieChris-30StephanieChris-32StephanieChris-31StephanieChris-33StephanieChris-34StephanieChris-35StephanieChris-38StephanieChris-37StephanieChris-39StephanieChris-41StephanieChris-44StephanieChris-46StephanieChris-51StephanieChris-50StephanieChris-49StephanieChris-47StephanieChris-52StephanieChris-53StephanieChris-54StephanieChris-36

Billy & Gina – Engagement

I’m thrilled to share a few of Billy and Gina’s adorable engagement photos today.  Billy is my honorary cousin as our moms are best friends.  It’s a little crazy for me that he is all grown up and getting married (since I remember when he was born ahh!), but I’m so excited he’s found such a sweet partner.  Their wedding is coming up next month and I can’t wait!



Michelle & Dan – Smith Barn, Peabody MA Wedding

We had SO much fun photographing Michelle and Dan’s beautiful fall wedding at the Smith Barn in Peabody, Massachusetts.  Michelle and Dan were amazing to work with — fun, easy going, and just a lovely couple.  The Smith Barn is such a beautiful venue set amidst a classic New England orchard.  I hope we have the opportunity to shoot there more in the future!  I’m so excited to share a few of the images from Michelle and Dan’s big day.  I hope they capture the love, joy, and fun of this truly beautiful wedding day!

dress shoes4_LJB_00625_LJB_01141_AFB_181011_LJB_016312_LJB_017413_LJB_0196combo 1first look collage28_AFB_206121_AFB_196031_AFB_2097combo 234_AFB_210933_LJB_035025_AFB_202030_LJB_033732_LJB_034226_AFB_204430_LJB_033729_AFB_206735_LJB_03718__AFB020922_AFB_19689__AFB023523_AFB_197937_LJB_038138_AFB_2153combo 344_LJB_065562_LJB_086861_LJB_085660_LJB_085447_AFB_222752_AFB_226646_LJB_0712combo 454_AFB_228649_LJB_072550_LJB_074151_LJB_0742combo 559_LJB_079163__AFB048565_AFB_247067_AFB_248568_LJB_1037combo 670_LJB_1071combo 773__AFB066874_LJB_117675_AFB_260872__AFB064176__AFB072878_LJB_152677__AFB0770

Michelle & Chad’s Engagement Session

A couple weeks ago I had a wonderful time shooting Michelle and Chad’s engagement session at beautiful Appleton Farms in Ipswich.  We had a gorgeous autumnal afternoon to walk around the property and snap away.  We will be photographing this lovely couple’s wedding next October so it was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better!  As soon as I got home I started editing their photos because my baby’s due date was just a couple weeks away – and it was a good thing I worked on them then because our baby girl was born just four days later!  Congratulations to Michelle and Chad – I can’t wait to help capture many sweet moments on your wedding day!

11_LJB_1820vertical 15_LJB_16816_LJB_17171_LJB_1578vertical 28_LJB_177010_LJB_1797

Baby Praplaski

I’m thrilled to share of few of the images from this adorable girl’s fall photo session.  Sometimes photographing young toddlers can be challenging because they are SO active, but this sweet baby was so happy and cheerful and made my job easy.  Those eyes!!

DSC_9435vertical 3 comboDSC_9269vertical combo 2DSC_9398vertical combo 3vertical combo 1DSC_9494vertical combo 5DSC_9455DSC_9514