Baby Meredith!

I’ve had the good fortune to be able to photograph some seriously adorable little ones lately.  I love the challenge of doing toddler sessions because you have to be quick, flexible, engaging, and creative – tasks that will keep any photographer on their toes!  Little Meredith was such a sweetie pie – I’m so happy to share a few of these fun photos here today.

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Sherwood Family

I had such a great time taking these sweet family photos at Endicott Park in Danvers.  We got lucky with a beautiful late August evening as we strolled through the grounds of this amazing park.  Baby smiles are the BEST.

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Jillian & Chris – The Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding

I would not wish
Any companion in the world but you:
Nor can imagination form a shape
Besides yourself to like of.
(The Tempest, Act 3 Scene 1)

Jillian and Chris were blessed with a beautiful July day for their romantic wedding at The Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton, Massachusetts.  This day was filled to the brim with love; the love of their sweet friends who watched as they said their vows, the love of their families who surrounded them with joy and pride, and of course the love that these two so clearly have for one another.  It was truly an honor for us to witness the marriage of Jillian and Chris, and to capture the wonderful celebration they enjoyed amongst their family and friends.

shoes jewelryJillianChris-5082JillianChris-4603dress details collageJillianChris-5161updo dress buttonsJillianChris-8621JillianChris-5176JillianChris-5238JillianChris-5326first lookJillianChris-5410-2jc3JillianChris-5403jc portraits2JillianChris-5395JillianChris-8706JC 4JillianChris-5438JillianChris-8677JillianChris-5465JillianChris-5505JillianChris-194JillianChris-5773JillianChris-5827JillianChris-5784JillianChris-5835JillianChris-8794JillianChris-8810JillianChris-5956JillianChris-5961JillianChris-321JillianChris-336JillianChris-5980JillianChris-9051JillianChris-6065JillianChris-6016JillianChris-1JillianChris-6110JillianChris-6132JillianChris-4810JillianChris-5566JillianChris-6463JillianChris-6439flowers cakedecor collageJillianChris-5729JillianChris-5690JillianChris-9162JillianChris-2-3JillianChris-2-4JillianChris-2-6JillianChris-6499JillianChris-6506JillianChris-6510JillianChris-6690JillianChris-6606JillianChris-2-5JillianChris-6748JillianChris-6795JillianChris-6800JillianChris-7146JillianChris-7142JillianChris-7219JillianChris-2-8JillianChris-2-7JillianChris-2-9JillianChris-7064JillianChris-7097JillianChris-7199JillianChris-7260JillianChris-2-11JillianChris-7109



Stephanie & Chris

I absolutely love shooting engagement sessions!  They are so fun and a great way for a couple to get more comfortable in front of the camera before the BIG day.  Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Stephanie and Chris’s engagement session.  We had a beautiful (though blustery!) summer morning on Castle Island in Boston.  These two are so sweet and so clearly in love – I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in April!!

StephanieChris-7456StephanieChris-7421vertical comboStephanieChris-7365StephanieChris-7584-2StephanieChris-7404StephanieChris-7514StephanieChris-7504StephanieChris-7634

Hess Family 2017

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this lovely family again recently.  We did their first family photo session a couple of years ago, so it was fun to see how their little guys have grown and changed.  The weather was a little worrying this particular morning, but we lucked out with a beautiful day to wander through Burlington’s beautiful Oakledge Park!


We definitely had to recreate this sweet photo from our first session a couple years ago again this time!  They were so little!





Mary & Tyler

Andrew and I just couldn’t help snapping away at Mary and Tyler’s beautiful New Orleans wedding.  The Second Line was such a unique, truly “New Orleans” moment that I know I’ll never forget.  We are so blessed to call you our friends!  Congratulations!



Ramachandran Narayanan Family

I had the wonderful opportunity to recently take family photos for this sweet group.  It has been so amazing to see this family grow over the last couple of years! Thank you Sushmita and Arvind for working with me once again!