Billy & Gina – Warfield House Inn, Charlemont MA Wedding

It is such an honor to post this wedding today!  I’ve known the groom, Billy, since he was born, and we always referred to each other as “cousins” since our mothers are best friends!  When Billy and Gina got engaged last year I was so touched that they trusted me to document their special day – and what a truly special day it was.  The weather was absolutely perfect; a bright and warm spring day.  I absolutely LOVED their hilltop venue, The Warfield House Inn in Charlemont, with its stunning mountain views and picturesque landscape.  This wedding was so fun to be a part of because Billy and Gina were so clearly elated to be marrying one another.  The entire day was joyous and loving – what more can you ask for?  Congratulations to the stunning bride and groom!

vertical combo 1BillyGina-6BillyGina-4BillyGina-7BillyGina-11vertical combo 2BillyGina-10BillyGina-12BillyGina-9BillyGina-5combo3BillyGina-2BillyGina-8BillyGina-13BillyGina-14BillyGina-3BillyGina-16BillyGina-15


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