Kyra & Curtis – Swansea, Massachusetts Wedding

We had the pleasure of photographing Kyra and Curtis’s lovely wedding in Swansea a few weeks ago.  It was so much fun to spend the day with them and their loved ones.  Curtis and Kyra’s love for one another shined throughout their wedding day from their intimate ‘first look’, to their sweet ceremony, and through their joyous celebratory reception.  We wish them all they best as they begin their married life together.  Please enjoy some of my favorite images from the day!

combo 1KyraCurtis-1KyraCurtis-2combo2KyraCurtis-5KyraCurtis-4KyraCurtis-3KyraCurtis-6KyraCurtis-7KyraCurtis-8KyraCurtis-9KyraCurtis-10KyraCurtis-11KyraCurtis-12KyraCurtis-13KyraCurtis-14KyraCurtis-15KyraCurtis-16KyraCurtis-17KyraCurtis-18KyraCurtis-19KyraCurtis-20KyraCurtis-21KyraCurtis-22KyraCurtis-23KyraCurtis-24KyraCurtis-25KyraCurtis-26KyraCurtis-27KyraCurtis-28KyraCurtis-29KyraCurtis-30KyraCurtis-31KyraCurtis-32KyraCurtis-33KyraCurtis-34KyraCurtis-35KyraCurtis-36KyraCurtis-37KyraCurtis-38KyraCurtis-39KyraCurtis-40KyraCurtis-42KyraCurtis-43KyraCurtis-44KyraCurtis-46KyraCurtis-47KyraCurtis-48KyraCurtis-45

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