Michelle & Dan – Smith Barn, Peabody MA Wedding

We had SO much fun photographing Michelle and Dan’s beautiful fall wedding at the Smith Barn in Peabody, Massachusetts.  Michelle and Dan were amazing to work with — fun, easy going, and just a lovely couple.  The Smith Barn is such a beautiful venue set amidst a classic New England orchard.  I hope we have the opportunity to shoot there more in the future!  I’m so excited to share a few of the images from Michelle and Dan’s big day.  I hope they capture the love, joy, and fun of this truly beautiful wedding day!

dress shoes4_LJB_00625_LJB_01141_AFB_181011_LJB_016312_LJB_017413_LJB_0196combo 1first look collage28_AFB_206121_AFB_196031_AFB_2097combo 234_AFB_210933_LJB_035025_AFB_202030_LJB_033732_LJB_034226_AFB_204430_LJB_033729_AFB_206735_LJB_03718__AFB020922_AFB_19689__AFB023523_AFB_197937_LJB_038138_AFB_2153combo 344_LJB_065562_LJB_086861_LJB_085660_LJB_085447_AFB_222752_AFB_226646_LJB_0712combo 454_AFB_228649_LJB_072550_LJB_074151_LJB_0742combo 559_LJB_079163__AFB048565_AFB_247067_AFB_248568_LJB_1037combo 670_LJB_1071combo 773__AFB066874_LJB_117675_AFB_260872__AFB064176__AFB072878_LJB_152677__AFB0770

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