Jillian & Chris – The Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding

I would not wish
Any companion in the world but you:
Nor can imagination form a shape
Besides yourself to like of.
(The Tempest, Act 3 Scene 1)

Jillian and Chris were blessed with a beautiful July day for their romantic wedding at The Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton, Massachusetts.  This day was filled to the brim with love; the love of their sweet friends who watched as they said their vows, the love of their families who surrounded them with joy and pride, and of course the love that these two so clearly have for one another.  It was truly an honor for us to witness the marriage of Jillian and Chris, and to capture the wonderful celebration they enjoyed amongst their family and friends.

shoes jewelryJillianChris-5082JillianChris-4603dress details collageJillianChris-5161updo dress buttonsJillianChris-8621JillianChris-5176JillianChris-5238JillianChris-5326first lookJillianChris-5410-2jc3JillianChris-5403jc portraits2JillianChris-5395JillianChris-8706JC 4JillianChris-5438JillianChris-8677JillianChris-5465JillianChris-5505JillianChris-194JillianChris-5773JillianChris-5827JillianChris-5784JillianChris-5835JillianChris-8794JillianChris-8810JillianChris-5956JillianChris-5961JillianChris-321JillianChris-336JillianChris-5980JillianChris-9051JillianChris-6065JillianChris-6016JillianChris-1JillianChris-6110JillianChris-6132JillianChris-4810JillianChris-5566JillianChris-6463JillianChris-6439flowers cakedecor collageJillianChris-5729JillianChris-5690JillianChris-9162JillianChris-2-3JillianChris-2-4JillianChris-2-6JillianChris-6499JillianChris-6506JillianChris-6510JillianChris-6690JillianChris-6606JillianChris-2-5JillianChris-6748JillianChris-6795JillianChris-6800JillianChris-7146JillianChris-7142JillianChris-7219JillianChris-2-8JillianChris-2-7JillianChris-2-9JillianChris-7064JillianChris-7097JillianChris-7199JillianChris-7260JillianChris-2-11JillianChris-7109



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