Abbey’s Senior Portraits

When I was a senior in high school our senior portraits were uniform – everyone sat with either a fake tux top (if male) or a strange black drape thing over our shoulders (if female).  We were then told to sit at an angle, look at the camera, and smile.  Everyone’s photos looked the same.  This tradition seems to have waned in favor of…

Danielle’s Senior Portraits

Okay, last catch-up post for the evening.  Danielle was so lovely to work with – what a sweetheart!  I’m so excited to share some of her seniors pics!

Nick’s Senior Portraits

And while we’re on the better-late-than-never blogging train here, I’m excited to post a few of Nick’s senior portraits!  The foliage on this particular day was SO beautiful.

Alex’s Senior Portraits

Oh boy – confession time…I’ve gotten a liiiiittle bit behind with my blogging lately.  That being said, I’m excited to (finally) share a few fun senior portrait sessions from the last few weeks!  Alex is up first!

{ Sammy’s Senior Portraits }

I had the opportunity the work with beautiful Sammy on her senior portraits this past weekend.  She was SO lovely to photograph – gorgeous young lady, easygoing spirit, and a bubbly happiness about her.  I’m really excited to share some images from this fun portrait session.  Thanks for working with me Sammy!